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Experience rehabilitation and medical care like never before. We are redefining nursing and rehab care by providing your loved ones with unsurpassed, all-encompassing care.

Complete Care:
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Our Mission

At Complete Care at Linwood, we’re all family; we take care of each resident as if they are our own by providing quality care in a warm, home-like setting. This outlook manifests itself in every aspect of senior care, from home-style meals to individualized care plans. Our team of professionals is renowned for providing outstanding, round-the-clock care and will do everything they possibly can for the comfort of your loved one.

Covid-19 Weekly Facility Updates

Greetings to the entire extended Complete Care at Linwood family,Today I am happy to bring some positive news to all of you. Yesterday we officially ended our outbreak status. What that means is, we have not had a resident or staff member turn COVID positive in over 28days. Of course this is not to say that we are “out of the forest”, but a nice accomplishment nonetheless. We currently have 1 COVID hospital admission at this time.We are happy to announce that we are looking forward to starting with indoor visitation starting next week. As this will be new for all of us, I ask for your patience as we work out all the details and iron out the kinks as they may come up. Here are some of the guidelines we are going to implement to help keep this program as safe and as productive as possible.1. We are going to allow 2 visitors per visit for half hour visits Monday through Friday. 2. All visitors will be asked to take a rapid test so please give yourself 15 minutes before your visit start time.3. Upon arriving at the building everyone will need to sign in at the front desk, be screened and sign a consent form. 4. Once the rapid test is complete, the family will need to go directly to the resident room, please do not stop at our nurses station or chat with other residents. We need to be vigilant to maintain the safest environment possible.5. If anyone feels safer, we can try to arrange for the visit to be held outdoors, provided the resident is not on PUI unit.6. If visiting a family member on our PUI unit you will need to wear full PPE, if it’s a family member on any other unit only a properly fitted mask is required.7. Video calls and window visits are always welcome.8. Every visitor needs to practice proper hand hygiene, social distancing and wear a properly fitted mask at all times.Should we go back to an outbreak status, or if the CALI Score (community COVID transmission rate) increases, things may change.Until next time, stay safe and have a Blessed weekend! ... See MoreSee Less

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Unsurpassed medical care with your loved one in mind.

We recognize that every patient is different and every recovery is different. Our comprehensive rehabilitation and long-term care programs give residents access to the experience and expertise of our dedicated physicians, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, dietitians and social workers, who are specifically trained in individualized care management.

Why We’re Different:

Drive for Excellence

At Complete Care, mediocrity is not an option. Expect to see cutting-edge technology and innovative equipment – because there are no shortcuts when it comes to top quality care.

Small Staff-to-Patient Ratio

Our unique ratio of nursing staff to residents allows us to respond to our residents’ needs immediately and make sure every resident gets the attention they require.

Constant Collaboration

From initial intake to final discharge, communication between the resident’s family and medical team is maintained throughout, allowing you to make informed decisions for your loved one.

Customized Care

When it comes to care, we understand that each resident has individual needs. That’s why we create a customized nursing plan for each resident, built around their unique medical profile.

Excellence in Caring

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