“The part that shocked me most was at how quickly they were able to get me back on my feet. I was there for not even two weeks and I was able to get back to my apartment.”

Luis C

“I’m a retired cook so food is very important to me. It may sound silly to you, but to me I almost wanted to go straight home from the hospital since I wanted my homemade food. But I’ll tell you this, the food here was great. The dietary director personally came to me to get my food preferences and to make sure I was happy.”

Steve R

“The staff here are upbeat and positive. The therapy gym is bright and airy. You feel better just by coming.”

Susan C

“When I met the marketer in the hospital after my hip surgery I almost kicked her out of my room, I didn’t want to go anywhere but home. I spoke with the doctor and he told me that it would be best if I go for rehab. I used to pass Linwood everyday so I went there. I am so happy I did. I never realized how much help I really needed after a surgery. The therapy staff are amazing. Everyday they came and really helped me get back on my feet again.”

Shaquana L

“I was in a bad car accident this past winter and ever since then I’ve been back and forth to the hospital around 6 times. Being home it was hard to keep track of my medications and get to all my doctor appointments, especially with these crutches. The nurse in the hospital recommended Complete Care at Linwood and I am so happy I came here. They take me to my appointments and I haven’t missed a single medication in 2 weeks. After my IV’s were finished, I begged them to keep me longer! I know I need to get back to living with my family, but I’m also going to miss them here.”

Raymond D

“My mom lived with us for almost 3 years after having moved back from Florida after my step dad passed away. I told myself I would never leave her. But between juggling my jobs and trying to raise my 3 children alone it was getting increasingly difficult to meet my moms needs. I toured a few facilities and I was so happy with Complete Care at Linwood having a designated memory unit. They have special activities just for my mom on her cognitive level and a beautiful snoozle room. I visit my mom daily and she is always clean and her room is neat, just like she liked it at home.”

Stacy T, daughter of TW

“I live in the area and I actually used to come to Linwood to trick or treat many years ago, so I definitely go back a long time with this building. When I started getting dizzy spells and ended up in the hospital I knew I wanted to come back here. The nurses and CNA’s are cheerful and the building is absolutely gorgeous, I couldn’t believe they did it over so nicely. I would recommend this facility to anyone who lives in this area.”

Greg R

“What surprised me most about this building, and I’ve been to many nursing homes, is how spacious the rooms are. I had my own private room with my own private bathroom. Plus we had activities and church services. I felt like I was in a 5 star hotel.”

Grace P

“Complete Care at Linwood Is a wonderful place to be when you need to Rehab. The staff is warm and caring, and attentive to your needs. Thanks for all the wonderful care.”


“No one likes being sick, but if you have to be sick, I would choose Complete Care Linwood.”